Exciting News From China!

~Psalm 86:12~ “I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.” Dear Ones, It is with great excitement that we announce the receipt of our log-in-date (LID)!!  That is our official notice that China has logged our dossier in with the CCCWA, China’s governing authority for adoptions.  It is another crucial milestone completed … Read More Exciting News From China!

Meet Silas James

While we waited the many months to bring the girls home, I wrote a couple of blog posts introducing our girls.  Rick and I realized today that we had not yet done that for Silas.  So, it is with great delight that we introduce you to our Son.  🙂 Meet Silas James! Silas was born on April 15th, 2013, in Zhengzhou City, China, in … Read More Meet Silas James

Everybody Say, “Hao La!”

Hao La. This phrase was used much in our time while in China – it means, “It’s ok.” April and I were wanting to learn some Chinese phrases that would be a particular comfort to our children and we were told that ‘hao la’ is equivalent to our ‘it’s ok’. When the girls would cry through the night, “Hao la.” When Faith would not … Read More Everybody Say, “Hao La!”

Home. Sweet Home.

Our trip home started at 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon (EST), 5 a.m. China time. We had already packed the night before and had little to do the morning we left but to set the luggage out for the bellhops to pick up and take downstairs. Our van left at 7:00 a.m. on a beautiful morning in Guangzhou. We arrived at the Guangzhou airport, said … Read More Home. Sweet Home.

Last night in China!

April writes: It’s our last night in China!  And today was such a great day.  We woke up this morning to gorgeous weather…sunny skies and fair temperatures.  The weather was so beautiful that we decided to venture out to Shamian Island.  Many adoptive families remember this place fondly as it is where they stayed in years past while their adoptions were in the final … Read More Last night in China!

Two nights to go!

The U.S. Consulate appointment went well this morning. Faith fussed a bit on the ride over but all-in-all, we were thankful to get through the process in relative short order. The girls will not become U.S. citizens until the plane touches down in Detroit on Friday evening. It was good to see the American flag at the U.S. Consulate. There were hundreds of people … Read More Two nights to go!

Total sweetness!

Tuesday evening has come, just three more nights until we leave for home! Tomorrow we go to the U.S. Consulate here in Guangzhou to take ‘the oath’ whereby we swear to love and care for our new daughters. The little ones have been such a wonderful joy and I believe that they have adjusted more quickly to us than we have adjusted to them. … Read More Total sweetness!

A rough day at the clinic

We had the medical checkup yesterday (Monday) for the girls. The children were taken to four different stations to check vitals, be examined, weighed, etc. For children over two years old, the final station is where their blood is drawn to test for TB. The clinic does not allow the parents back when the blood is drawn so all you can hear is their … Read More A rough day at the clinic


I was unable to add pictures to the post yesterday. Here are a few we’ve taken in the past 48 hours.     Hope is very much a drama queen. A hungry drama queen – she has food in most of her pictures!            

Final Week in China

We have made it to the final week. We arrived safely in Guangzhou yesterday. April and I have been exhausted – we were still trying to get adjusted time wise, the girls have have taken a little getting used to and the busyness of toddling ‘twins’ has made for a combination that has really thrown us for a loop. Graceann has been a champ, she … Read More Final Week in China

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a few pictures from today. We travel tomorrow morning (Friday evening for those in the U.S) and would very much appreciate your prayers. This will be Faith and Hope’s first plane ride. We fly from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou – the flight is approximately two hours long. We are having trouble getting to sleep tonight. This is the last night of Chinese New Year … Read More Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bath Time!

This is the first video we’ve been able to post. We have much more footage but upload times are slow here in China. This is video of Hope’s bath time last night. This was her second. During her first, she decided that it was time to relieve herself so we bathed her last night with her diaper on. Faith did well in her first … Read More Bath Time!