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Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 4

Two people to thank (for now)… 1. Lisa Rolston.  Bible Bowl leaders of larger programs have so much work that goes unnoticed.  From finances to renting vans to college/nationals registrations to medical releases to parental dealings (know-it-all types like me) to making all of the pieces fit on a four-man team to, well, you name it.  Lisa has always been one of Christian’s biggest … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 4

Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 1

With this being Christian’s last year of Bible Bowl, I wanted to do a few posts of random thoughts I’ve had over the years about the game, among other things.  To give a bit of background, he was an emotional wreck and a big game choker when he first started playing.  He flamed out in 4th and 5th grade at Nationals finishing 7th and … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 1