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Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 4

Two people to thank (for now)… 1. Lisa Rolston.  Bible Bowl leaders of larger programs have so much work that goes unnoticed.  From finances to renting vans to college/nationals registrations to medical releases to parental dealings (know-it-all types like me) to making all of the pieces fit on a four-man team to, well, you name it.  Lisa has always been one of Christian’s biggest … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 4

Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 3

Championship Day…round by round. (Quick side note: usually my wife edits these for me…I know I’m leaving out words, commas, etc.  Please forgive me for being sloppy.) Round 4 was the previous day but it was a game that I was truly concerned about.  We played Southeast 1.  Danielle is an excellent player and seems to always get geared up to play Christian – … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 3

Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 2

These thoughts will be in no particular order so Part 2 has nothing to do with Part 1.  I hope to finish that up later. “This is my last night. My last chance. This has been more than half my life. And now it’s ending.” July 4, 2010 at 11:12 p.m. That was the text I received from Christian while he walked around on … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 2

Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 1

With this being Christian’s last year of Bible Bowl, I wanted to do a few posts of random thoughts I’ve had over the years about the game, among other things.  To give a bit of background, he was an emotional wreck and a big game choker when he first started playing.  He flamed out in 4th and 5th grade at Nationals finishing 7th and … Read More Bible Bowl Thoughts…Part 1