Please note – Facebook will have more updates and pictures so if you’re interested, feel free to friend me and April. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update the blog once we get the boys. The process on the blog is a pain and time consuming – especially adding pictures. Thanks.

Ryle and I had a good day. After breakfast, we went to the pool. The pool attendant kept a close watch on Ryle and several times looked concerned that he was drowning. He likes to hold his breath for as long as he can and float in the water (like every other kid).


After swimming, we went to the mall a block away and walked around for several hours. Ryle gave me one of his many ‘Ryleisms’ from the trip. “How come so many Asians have black hair?” To which I quickly found this guy in front of a candy kiosk:


We had lunch at an okay place and they had this on the menu: IMG_0322

Who doesn’t love bone marrow on their toast.

Facebook Post from Thursday morning:

Dawn in Beijing. What do you know – new mercies this morning! Ryle is sleeping like a champ (as usual). He’s probably had 12 hours of sleep in the last 24.

We arrived at the hotel last night around 5 p.m., unloaded, and went to check out the pool. We ate at the restaurant in the hotel for dinner (thanks mom and dad!). It was a great dinner buffet with all kinds of western and Asian foods. At one point, the buffet attendant speaking some form of Chinglish told me something and I agreed to what he said. Nodding politely and smiling always seems like the right thing to do. 

Apparently, I agreed to have a whole ‘lobb-a-stur’ steamed for me. When Ryle and I went to leave, he rushed over and asked about my ‘lobb-a-stur’ over and over again. It dawned on me. He wants me to take a lobster WITH ME. He kept saying “It’s free, it’s free.” LOL. I had to decline as I had already eaten too many chicken skewers and wasn’t about to fight the smell of a lobb-a-stur in my hotel room.

Today is a much needed rest day. April and I learned last time that it’s hard to hit the ground running the first day with all the touring on Friday so I built an extra day in so that we can hopefully get on ‘China time’ much more quickly (last time it took until day 14 of 17).



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