Tuesday evening has come, just three more nights until we leave for home! Tomorrow we go to the U.S. Consulate here in Guangzhou to take ‘the oath’ whereby we swear to love and care for our new daughters. The little ones have been such a wonderful joy and I believe that they have adjusted more quickly to us than we have adjusted to them. I love their personalities, opposites in many ways but it is sweet see them already attaching to us and to each other. They are quickly and loudly letting their needs be known, which is a good thing. Graceann is already trying to get the girls to play the ‘silent game’. πŸ™‚ April and I are overwhelmed by the Lord’s tender mercies to us!

My wife’s Facebook status this evening said, “Tomorrow is our U.S. Consulate appointment for the girls. I’m excited to take the oath promising never to abandon or mistreat them. Yet another beautiful picture of the Gospel.”

Below are a few pictures from the day. We are really looking forward to getting home. We miss our boys terribly and can’t wait to see them. Much love to all.



My girls :)

My girls πŸ™‚






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