We are coming to the end of our adoption journey and wanted to update everyone on where we are in the process.  Today was a wonderful day…we received Travel Approval!!!  China has officially invited us to come and adopt two of their precious daughters.  By the end of the week, we should be given a Consulate Appointment and that will determine exactly when we are permitted to travel.  We were given two options by our agency…the first was to depart on February 5th.  The other option was to leave February 12th.  We, of course, are hoping and praying for the 5th…the sooner we can get to our girls, the better!  

We recently received an update on Faith.  Although in an orphanage, she appears to be thriving.  She no longer likes to take a bottle, but instead, prefers three meals a day of “real food”.  She especially loves bananas and apples.  She is a very happy, friendly little girl, who loves to help the nannies with the smaller children.  They report that she is particularly obedient with putting her shoes in the right place!  Maybe she can teach the rest of her brothers and sisters who are not so adept at that practice!  


Some prayer requests for Faith:

  1. That she would attach to us quickly in China and that we would be able to meet her needs with the aid of our heavenly Father, who knows her frame perfectly!
  2. That once home, we will be able to meet her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  She has been diagnosed with poor brain development and we will not know the full scope of all that that diagnosis entails until we can get her home and seen by a pediatric neurologist.  We also expect that she will grieve the loss of all that is familiar to her.  Please pray that God will help us to comfort her with His peace that transcends all understanding.

We have not received an update on Hope in a couple of months.  She is in a foster home and therefore, we do not receive as many updates of her.  We do know that she generally has a sweet disposition, but when frustrated, will pull angrily at her foster mother’s clothes!  When her foster mother gives her a disapproving look, however, Hope is quick to stop that behavior.  I, for one, am hoping she leaves that behavior in China!  She seems to have a hearty appetite (she is eating a cookie in every picture we have of her!) and is much-loved by her foster family.


Some prayer requests for Hope: 

  1. That she too will attach quickly to us in China.  Because she’s been in the same foster home for so long, we are expecting her transition to not go as smoothly as with Faith, who is more accustomed to nannies and playmates “disappearing” from her life.  We expect Hope’s grief to be great.
  2. Hope has been diagnosed with Spina bifida.  Please pray that we will be able to meet the extent of her medical needs after they are more fully known.  The Lord has granted her the ability to walk well and we are grateful to Him for that mercy!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us throughout this lengthy process.  The Lord has been abundantly kind to us, and to me especially, in sustaining my health and in bringing to pass a desire that has been on my heart since I was eight years old.  Never stop persistently asking the Lord for that “good thing” which may be on your heart!  In His perfect timing, that holy wrestling may result in Him granting you the desire of your heart.  May all the glory be given to God alone, for He is worthy of such praise.  So it shall always be that, “I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.”  Thank you Lord for these good gifts, these daughters of our faith and hope.


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