April writes: I get this question a lot lately and I’m always happy to give an answer. Lots of good things are happening with the adoption these days. We are inching closer and closer to submitting our dossier to China. We actually have a due date of July 1st for getting our dossier sent and received. We are hopeful of making this date.

The last few months we have been busy finishing up our homestudy, which took a Herculean effort and 5 long months. Most homestudies take approximately 2 months to complete, but with my health scare, we had our mind and energies focused on other things. Once we learned that my inability to breathe was primarily due to cold-induced, adult-onset asthma, we have felt more confident and been able to move more quickly and efficiently on the adoption front. Warmer weather and the sometimes use of an inhaler has brought me back to (almost) full health. And boy, am I thankful! That was a rough five months!

Since the end of April, we have received the final, approved copies of our homestudy, filed for our I800A (which gives us permission from the US government to bring our daughters into the United States), and notarized/certified our dossier documents. Those documents are currently making their way to the State Department and Chinese Embassy in Washington DC for authentication. Once we receive them back, they will be ready to send to our adoption agency for a thorough review. After that, it is on to China to receive a log in date. Once we receive that official date from China, we will be able to begin to count the days until we travel to receive our daughters! Families typically travel anywhere from 4-7 months after receiving their log in date. Exciting stuff, right?!

There are a few things for which we would covet your prayers. First, that our girls would remain healthy and safe while they are in the care of those with whom God has placed them. Second, that we would continue to find favor in the eyes of the Chinese officials as we grow closer to our dossier being reviewed and logged in in China. And third, that God might bless our efforts to raise the money for this adoption process. It is very expensive, and we acknowledge we are a large family with small means. But we serve a mighty God, Who is faithful. We continue to believe His Word that He does indeed “set the solitary in families”. Thank you all for your love and support!

2 Comments on ““So what’s happening with the adoption?”

  1. I’m glad that both your health and your adoption are making progress. I will keep praying on both fronts. Thanks for giving an update!

  2. I will be praying specifically for these things, knowing that God does hear and provide!

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