Good Friday.  The day Jesus Christ was hung on a Roman cross.  If you’re a Christian, it is the day that Christ paid for your sins.  It is the day when the wrath of God was poured out on His Son.  Many today will use this phrase ‘Good Friday’.

But it is only ‘Good’ to those who have been forgiven their sins.  It is only ‘Good’ to those who have trusted in Christ, believed in Him and repented of their sin.  To repent is to be sorry for your sin, to hate and forsake it because it is displeasing to God.  Are you sorry for your sin?  Have you forsaken your sin?  Have you looked to Christ in saving faith?  If so, it is indeed a GOOD FRIDAY to you!

BUT if you don’t think twice about your sin, if you haven’t forsaken your sin, if you’re not sorry for your sin – it is not Good Friday to you because your sins have not been laid upon Christ.  And if your sins have not been laid upon Christ, then you will pay for eternity for the sins you’ve committed.

Don’t think that God winks at sin.  He doesn’t.  The cross is proof of that.  Leave your sin, look to Christ and you will find in Him One who truly does save His people from their sins.

My friend, do not rest until it IS Good Friday to you.

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