Five years ago today, our precious John Ryle came into the world.  Whew!  After an epidural, two labor stalls, C-section discussions because of ‘failure to progress’, a trip to Qdoba (for me), and 14 hours of hard labor – my sweet little Ryle was born.  His namesake is my ‘old friend’ JC Ryle – pastor and author in the 1800’s.  His simple, yet heart searching way of communicating biblical truth is something that April and I were/are drawn to.  We had his name picked out for some time but we couldn’t come up with his middle name.

Well, after such a difficult labor, we decided to name him John – which means the Lord is gracious.  Seeing His hand and goodness to us during those 14 or so hours – there was nothing more fitting.  (And since Ryle John doesn’t work, we went with John Ryle.) Every family should have a Ryle.  He is my running, fun loving, laughing ball of sweetness and spitfire!  What a joy!  And as much as I love him and thoroughly enjoy being his dad, there is something and someone more important that I would like for you to know.  You see, I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to the God of Ryle’s namesake.  JC Ryle loved, LOVED Jesus Christ.

Old JC said on one occasion, “There is no royal road to rest of soul. Let that never be forgotten. There is only one way to the Father – Jesus Christ. One door into heaven – Jesus Christ. One path to heart-peace and rest – Jesus Christ. By that way all laboring and heavy-laden ones must go, whatever their rank or condition.

Kings in their palaces and paupers in the workhouse, all are on the same level in this matter. All alike must walk in the ‘old paths’ and come to Christ, if they feel soul-weary and thirsty. All must drink of the same fountain, if they would have their thirst relieved.”

Is YOUR thirst relieved?  If not, there are living waters open to you right now.  So drink.

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